I'm Shayan Naqvi. I'm 17, currently in college. I'm studying Chemistry, Computer Science, Math and Physics.

Some interests/hobbies: Linux, graphic/visual design, music, books, cooking, knitting, programming, and photography.

I originate from Pakistan, and I'm bilingual - I speak English and Urdu.

A few more "abouts":

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Recent Articles

This is a general purpose blog. Notes, rambles, making sense of things, whatever, really.

These are some recent articles:

  1. Taking Notes in HTML (29/09/2023)
  2. Poetry (27/09/2023)
  3. Going Back to DWM (22/09/2023)
  4. Tuition Centres (21/09/2023)
  5. The Situation (15/09/2023)
  6. Speaking Slowly (12/09/2023)
  7. Work/Study Tunes (11/09/2023)
  8. What Have I Done to this Website? (10/09/2023)
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This is to do with whatever I'm studying in college. I do this as a form of revision and to create notes for me (or maybe others) to come back to in the future. These concern Chemistry, Computer Science, Math and Physics (AS Level for now).

Some recent notes:

  1. The Equation of a Circle (02/10/2023) (Math)
  2. Orbitals & Subshells (02/10/2023) (Chemistry)
  3. Networking (29/09/2023) (Computer Science)
  4. Discriminants (27/09/2023) (Math)
  5. Reducing an Equation to a Quadratic (24/09/2023) (Math)
  6. Errors and Uncertainties (24/09/2023) (Physics)
  7. Sound (23/09/2023) (Computer Science)
  8. Bitmaps and Vectors (23/09/2023) (Computer Science)
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Recent Works

Some recent projects:

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Other Information

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