Choosing not to Rice

After installing Void Linux again, I made it a point to not rice my desktop, at all. I fell of the "ricing" train a while ago, but I still bothered with theming QT apps and stuff so everything looked somewhat consistent.

I am so past that now. What's the benefit of not ricing your desktop? You don't care about how it looks! That means, whenever you run into a rogue app who doesn't respect your system theme, you don't care! That's absolutely blissful!

Moreover, you can actually use Flatpak apps without caring one bit about how they look. It doesn't matter anymore!

Consistency is, of course, nice. I don't mind it. But achieving it is a task and a half. More effort, now I think, than is worth.

my unriced desktop
Unriced desktop

There are, of course, usability implications. But chances are that most apps used are of a certain toolkit. Most GTK apps will have a similar user experience. You probably know how to use the few QT or EFL apps you do use.So for the most part, this is somewhat negligible. It is not, however, ideal.

This article was written on 29/08/2023 and modified the following day. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email with them. Have a nice day!