Notes notes notes

Every single time I've tried to manage notes with either physically or digitally and suplement that system with the opposite form of notes, it just doesn't work out. And both systems, I find, are equally problematic.

The notes section on this website has alas met the same fate. I don't think I'll be updating it much (or at all) from now on, given that the last time I put anything on there was the beginning of October.

I could take digital notes at college, but in all honesty, this is not something I want to do for a multitude of reasons, the foremost of which being a lack of practicality. I just don't find digital notes particularly practical.

And dual-wielding two different systems of notes does not work either. There's way too much work involved in maintaining and keeping that system updated.

I might just be doing this whole notes thing wrong, which I probably am, because I know exactly zero people with this kind of problem. Moreover, I have been in limbo with notes in general for a good few months now, where anything I need to quickly write down is something I'm gonna text myself on WhatsApp. Obviously sub-optimal.

An amount of this does stem from a desire to move away from all of the proprietary notes solutions from all of your usual suspects. Clearly, through my usage of WhatsApp for note taking, this is not being accomplished.

I suppose the root of the issue at this moment in time is a lack of motivation to actually set myself up with a system for note taking. I seriously do not care about notes right now, and by extension, I do not care about solving that problem.

All in due time, I guess.

This marks the third article written in November. n is now greater than 3. Mission accomplished.

This article was written on 29/11/2023. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email with them. Have a nice day!