Waiting for Animations

Note: This article concerns the use of animations in interface designs.

The point is, I don't want to wait for your animations!

They slow down the experience. Waiting for a paragraph to bounce into frame, or images to slide into the viewport are things that slow down the navigation of the site. The problem is having to wait for them to happen. These kinds of animations can be nice, but only when you don't have to wait for them!

I'm here to see the content of your site, not your site's blingy animations! Make them faster, or remove them entirely! If I have to wait, at all, to see the contents of a paragraph because your fancy animation wants to act like a special snowflake, then a bad impression follows without saying.

You have two options: 🔫 make them fast, or get rid of them.

This article was written on 02/09/2023. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email with them. Have a nice day!