Work/Study Tunes

If I need "neutral" music to work/study to, I tend to just put a song, or put a few songs, on repeat. These are some of my favourite for that purpose.

"*"s denote a song of very special status in my study/work music rotation.

Side note: I have lost complete faith in lofi hiphop music. I don't want to say it, but it's often pretty boring, and dare I say, bland music. It's not distracting, so that's a positive. But I can't bring myself to listen to that stuff anymore.

I wouldn't call most of these suitable for studying if you listen with headphones. This stuff works great at a lower-mid volume on a speaker, because you can hear just enough detail to keep your ears enterntained but not enough to get distracted.

As an example, Harrison's Out of the Blue. It's a genuinely wonderful track. Instrumental, but incredibly detailed. I could not study to that stuff with headphones. I can, and do, study to it on speakers, for the reasons I mentioned above.

This article was written on 11/09/2023. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email with them. Have a nice day!