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Code licensed under GNU GPLv3. Content licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Hosted (rather obviously) on Github Pages.

Why does this website look like vanilla HTML?

It does, and it does on purpose.

It's mostly a personal preference: I like these kinds of websites, and while I don't get to flex my HTML/CSS/design skillz, I get to make a website I'm happy with that I mostly like.

Anything could happen though, and I doubt it's going to look like this forever.

More Information

Parts of this site's code are rather hacky/undesirable, but this is all stuff that will be fixed in due time. Take a look at the GIF below.

GIF of a person constructing something

This entire website is written in plain HTML and CSS. No CMSs or static site generators have been used. There are cons to this approach, but the simplicity (not speed) of maintaining such a site is very appealing.

I have a template HTML file, into which I insert the contents of any new articles. The drawback of this approach is (a) it's slow; and (b) tweaking the template file is something that requires a bit of time, since I have to translate the changes to all HTML files that are based off of the template.

Using a good text editor makes this process much more palatable: just open up all the files to change, define a macro, and off you go! I like the Helix text editor.

The font is Libertinus Serif. It's a very pretty font.

The light mode colours are #f3efe0 for the background, #4a4555 for the foreground, and #848c2c as an accent.

For dark mode, #163c3c for the background, #f9cd8a for the foreground, and #c0cc3f as an accent.

If you have any feedback, regarding the website or its content, you can let me know by sending me an email.

This page was last updated on 08/10/2023.