I should preface by saying that these notes do not cover all topics of each subject. It's selective, just whatever I want to reinforce or over-explain.


  1. Dative Covalent Bonding
  2. Ionization Energy
  3. Orbitals & Subshells
  4. A Few Questions from a Worksheet on Stoichiometry
  5. Relating Moles with Other Quantities
  6. A Few Important Formulae


  1. Integrating Inverse Tan
  2. Differentiating and Integrating e
  3. The Equation of a Circle
  4. Discriminants
  5. Reducing an Equation to a Quadratic
  6. The Vertex of a Quadratic
  7. Completing the Square (faster)
  8. Reverse Engineering a Quadratic
  9. The Equations of a Straight Line
  10. A Different Way of Completing the Square

Computer Science

  1. Networking
  2. Sound
  3. Bitmaps and Vectors
  4. ASCII & Unicode
  5. BCD
  6. Binary Subtraction
  7. Converting Between Binary / Denary / Hexadecimal
  8. Negative Binary Strings


  1. Errors and Uncertainties